EDM3 Solutions

Medical Lamps

The finest lamp in the market is produced by pressurizing xenon and halogen gasses and precisely centering the tungsten filament within the bulb. This produces a lamp of unrivaled quality!

30% INCREASE IN BRIGHTNESS (over conventional gas filled medical lamps)

  • Proven Longer Life!*
  • Proven Brighter Output!*
  • Uniform Brightness
EDM3 medical lamps

Product Description

Item # Item Description Replaces WelchAllyn®* Stk-unit
1-020 2.5V Vac 00200/00200-U 6/PKG
1-300 Ophthalmoscope 03000/03000-U 6/PKG
1-310 Otoscope 03100/03100-U 6/PKG
1-340 Otoscope 03400/03400-U 6/PKG
1-380 Halogen HPX Lamp, PanOptic™ Scope 03800/03800-U 6/PKG
1-410 48400 Exam Lamp 04100/04100-U 6/PKG
1-440 2.5V Hallogen 04400/04400-U 6/PKG
1-470 2.5V Laryng Vac 04700/04700-U 6/PKG
1-480 2.5V Laryng Vac 04800/04800-U 6/PKG
1-490 Ophthalmoscope 04900/04900-U 6/PKG
1-600 2.5V Hallogen Lamp for MacroView™ Otoscope 06000/06000-U 6/PKG
1-610 14.5V Hallogen 06100/06100-U 6/PKG
1-620 3.5V Audioscope 06200/06200-U 6/PKG
1-650 3.5V Lamp for MacroView™ Otoscope 06500/06500-U 6/PKG
1-780 Sigmoidoscope, Anoscope & Vag. Illum 07800/07800-U 6/PKG
1-880 Sigmoidoscope, Anoscope & Vag. Illum 08800/08800-U 6/PKG
*MacroView™ & PanOptic™ are trademarks of WelchAllyn® Corp.