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EDM3 stains reagents

Stains & Reagents

Hard to Find? Not Any More! EDM3 offers over 300 items in our Stains & Reagents for your laboratory needs.

Biological Indicators

EDM3 offers a variety of sterilization monitoring products to meet the needs of your practice.

EDM3 Citrastat


CitraStatRX® instantly freshens the air! One spray and CitraStatRX® does exactly what its name implies.

EDM3 medical lamps

Medical Lamps

30% INCREASE IN BRIGHTNESS (over conventional gas filled medical lamps) Proven longer life*, proven brighter output!*, uniform brightness.

Batteries medical EDM3


Rechargeable Batteries: 3.5V. Quality, worry-free power with long life and exceptional performance at a fraction of the cost

EDM3 biopsy punches

Punches & Curettes

Punches: Ergonomically designed for routine dermal procedures
Curettes: Color-coded styles, with 50 curettes per box.