EDM3 Solutions was formed in October 2019 by three healthcare executives with over 85 years experience in the industry with the #1 goal of providing the best customer service in healthcare. That same month, the Healthlink/Clorox product lines listed here were acquired from Clorox to launch EDM3 Solutions.

  • Stains & Reagents
  • Biological Indicators, ProSure® & EZTest®
  • Biopsy Punches
  • Ear Curettes
  • CitraStat RX®
  • Bulbs & Batteries
  • Water Collection Bottles

What Does This Mean For You?

Only the name has changed, we have the same great products and are committed to providing you with the best customer service in the industry.

Why Source From EDM3 Solutions?

We’re a small company with large company experience, which means we understand and can meet your needs to grow your business.
  • Our team members have extensive experience in the healthcare industry
  • Our size enables us to react quickly to get you what you need on short notice
  • We’re a veteran-owned company located in Jacksonville Florida
  • We have a diverse group of committed team members
  • Trust, integrity, and superior customer service is the core of our business
  • We’re about solving your product needs

Our commitment to meeting your needs is our #1 priority and we value and appreciate the opportunity to serve you!